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Musings of a plant lover

Pūhā, Sow Thistle

Sonchus sp.. Family: Asteraceae Pūhā or Sow thistle, is a common ‘weed’ throughout New Zealand. It is also found in the United Kingdom and Europe. It can be confused with dandelion as they both have Read more…

Winter wreath

Learn how to make a foraged winter wreath, that is mindfully harvested, with no waste. The story A massive gap loomed, where a beautiful tree had stood. I knew it was planned to be chopped Read more…

Herbs for menstrual cramps

These plants heal me. I pick them, make a tea from them and they soothe my cramps. Previous to discovering these beauties, I had extremely painful menstrual cramps and took Ibuprofen for years. Now, I hardly ever Read more…