About Invest in Plants…

I share information about edible plants found in New Zealand originally from the United Kingdom. Occasionally, I will share New Zealand specific plants, but my specialty is UK plants.

Back in 2017 Angelique left New Zealand and began working in a London Forest School for 3 years. (Yes! London does have forests!) Days were spent underneath the trees so she got to know them really well, and watch them change over the seasons. She started helping David Bevan (a very knowledgeable London Botanist) with plant surveys of the woods she worked in. Angelique would ask “What’s this plant?” and he would patiently tell her. In London, she attended many foraging courses and filled her brain with as much information about plants as possible.

In 2019 she caught a train to Stirling, Scotland and left the bustle of London behind and found out that Scotland had a fantastic foraging scene. From there, she set up Invest in Plants (with a little help) and she realized her dream of sharing the joy of edible plants with others.