gorse flower drawing by Angelique
Gorse flower watercolour by Angelique

Gorse flowers are definitely out and some things I’m looking forward to making are pickled gorse buds (in salt like a caper) gorse flower cordial, gorse flower wine. I just need to get my hands on a demi-john to prepare the wine.

 Apparently, the soaked seeds are a flea-repellant.

Note: Gorse is something you should eat in moderation as they contain slightly toxic alkaloids. Don’t have a whole lot at once. And again, with every new food you try for the first time, taste a little bit and then see how that sits on your tongue. If it feels ok, then have a bit more. Then stop and repeat the next day.

gorse flowers on bush
Gorse flowering in Winter – I feel happy seeing their happy yellow colour lighting up the dark landscape.