Learn how to make a foraged winter wreath, that is mindfully harvested, with no waste.

The story

A massive gap loomed, where a beautiful tree had stood. I knew it was planned to be chopped down soon, but I had hoped they had changed their mind. I didn’t even know what kind of tree it was yet. My connection to that kind of tree was strong, ever since I was a child. I remember looking up at how high it could grow, so tall, skinny and sky-reaching, definitely like Jack’s beanstalk. It seemed to defy gravity and go where I couldn’t go.

Make your own wreath! Music by Padsr

Now that the tree was dead, I wanted to put its energy to good use. I remembered making wreaths out of Ivy with the kiddies at Forest School Nursery. They were pretty basic, and I thought I could adapt what I’d learnt already and master wreath building with the addition of some gorgeous smelling branches in there. I could even give them away to friends to express “Thank you for being there for me this year.” It’s been a rough one, as I’m sure it’s been for you too. 

Caution: Please be aware of the poisonous and amazing Yew tree, when using plants with needles. I’ve seen it used in some wreaths, but don’t go eating it.

bunches of leaf material and wreath base
Here we have bunches of feathery leaves. They will sit ontop of the base of the wreath. This base is willow.

To say that support from friends was hugely valuable this year, is an understatement. Thus, I happily set to work learning how to make wreaths, creating the least amount of waste as possible. I believe the tree was a Lawson Cypress. Definitely smells of that amazing turpentine fragrance. Fresh, festive and Wintery.

Have a go!

Finally, do have a go at making your own Mindfully foraged Winter wreath. I’ve called it that as many cultures don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s easy and fun to choose plants to celebrate and appreciate. A little bit of Holly, Ivy, Pine, appreciating them as I use them to create my wreaths. SeedSistAs give further meaning and properties of different plants in their Instagram post here. These wreaths are made from all-natural materials. Enjoy.


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