So here is my first attempt at making Sauerkraut. You have most likely heard about all the health benefits of eating fermented foods.

Some of which are puported to be; greater gut health from increased good bacteria in the gut. Some people say that your gut bacteria influences your mood.

After living in Japan for a year, I started to notice the amount of fermented foods available to eat with almost every meal. Just a little on the side, and always very tasty!

I put off making fermented foods for a long time, as for some reason it sounded totally time consuming.

In reality, it didn’t take long at all. And in terms of return on investment, I spent some time chopping and then massaging the cabbage, in return for a healthy gut, maybe a healthy mood? which to me, is priceless. I encourage you to have a go!

Tips: Use a sharp knife

Use your zen patience, and embrace the repetitive task of cutting cabbage.

Adapted from the happy kitchen

  • 800 g purple/green cabbage
  • 1 T sea salt
  • Spices (optional) 1 tsp ea – yellow mustard seeds / chilli/ ginger/garlic OR juniper berries, caraway seeds, and dill

Use a clean, sterilized jar. I do this by putting in a pot of boiling water for 10mins.

Make sure your hands are clean. Chop cabbage finely. Add half the salt. Massage gently to release juices from cabbage. For more juice, add the other half of salt. Add to sterilized jar, pushing down firmly to remove any airbubbles. I used a rolling pin for this. You will ideally have a jar full of cabbage now with liquid covering it. Put the lid on and leave out at room temperature for 3-5 days.

Maintenance: Every day push down the cabbage further, to elimanate any airpockets in your kraut. Day 5: Try your kraut. If there is any layer of scum ontop, remove this. Once opened, keep in the fridge.


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