Ok, so after a few rounds of really frosty days in Scotland, I was starting to think. “Well, that’s it then, for the year. It’s too cold and dark to go out and if I did, there wouldn’t be anything for me to forage anyway”. How wrong I was! Don’t be fooled as I was, by the cooler weather. There are still plenty of plants about for your harvesting delight. Thanks, nature!

frosty hawthorny berries

Today I found many Hawthorn trees, a lot of the berries were just ripe for the picking. I had thought they were already out of season, due to me basing my knowledge of a few other Hawthorn trees, which were ripe months ago. So remember, trees from the same species, can ripen at their own time, depending on when they feel like it, amount of sunlight, etc. I guess they do it when it’s optimal timing for them. This helps the animals, birds, insects relying on them for food.

hawthorn berries bagged

Hawthorn berries are great this time of year, for your circulation, your heart and apparently easing the winter blues. (Although it ain’t even winter yet…) Don’t be trying these berries if you’re on heart medication, as they can be strong. Make sure to avoid eating the (poisonous) seed. I dry the berries and use them in tea, which helps for warming up cold fingers and toes. So go on, get out in your local park and see what’s available!


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