I really enjoy drawing plants. It means I have to sit still and really observe a plant. When I do this, I find out so much more about it. I can see the close up hairs, serrations, veins, bracts all these cool details I’ve never noticed before. All of this extra information really helps with plant identification and really getting to “know’ your plant.

Some people say that the plants you need are all around you. Is there a particular plant that keeps popping up all around you? Keep seeing it on your way to work? What can this plant teach you? Is it good for something medicinally that your body needs right now? I know this way of thinking can seem a bit out there, but it makes sense to me.

So have a go! All you need is a plant you find interesting, and are learning to identify at the moment. Get out your arty pencils! 2B,4B,6B are awesome as they are soft and allow for line variation, but any pencil will do.

It will be amazing what you start to see, when you are quiet, sit with a plant and really notice it.

Happy plant drawing everyone!