New year new you. It’s worth a go. I don’t totally subscribe to New Year’s resolutions but, after feeling non-optimal healthwise for a while, a few things inspired me to go temporarily gluten-free.

Chocolate buckwheat pancakes with sloe cordial

I watched an interesting documentary called ‘What’s with wheat’. I’m not a health expert, but I am interested in healthy eating and a lot of what was spoken about in this documentary made sense. So I’ve been cutting out wheat as much as I can. I feel better. On a side note, I’ve also been reducing sugar (no processed cakes, bars, muffins etc) and making my own, using fruit sugars wherever possible. So here’s one easy way of combining foraged and gluten-free foods.

Sloe cordial on chocolate buckwheat pancakes

Chocolate Buckwheat pancakes with Sloe syrup

  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup buckwheat flour
  • 2 tsp cocoa
  • Coconut yoghurt for topping
  • Water or rice milk
  • Butter/coconut oil (for frying)

This is a recipe I estimate the amounts for, so the above amounts are a guide only.

Beat egg in a bowl separately. In other bowl combine buckwheat flour and cocoa. Then add the egg to dry ingredients. Add water slowly, until you’ve got a well mixed, and slightly runny mixture. Add oil/butter to the pan and then fry on both sides until it begins to bubble and pulls up around the edges. Bon appétit.

Many thanks to Farmersgirl Kitchen for the fantastic Sloe cordial recipe, Robin Harford for encouraging me to be more creative and less rigid with my recipes and my good mate Brooke, who is continuously making delicious pikelets (tiny sweet pancakes) in NZ and showing me the images over the internet.