After a fantastic foraging event, after which, I was called a ‘witch’ (in a joking way) by one of my clients, I had to agree. Back in the day, women that knew about plants and their uses were witches. So I guess I am a witch. However, I don’t actively practice anything witchy.

After reading Denise Duffield-Thomas’s book ‘Chillpreneur’ she mentioned the Witch Wound. This came from the book ‘Witch’ by Lisa Lister. She writes about intergenerational emotional baggage. E.g. Fear being passed down from women who were burned at the stake for many reasons, such as; for having the knowledge, speaking out and being different. It’s an interesting concept and I very much am excited by the idea of taking something which is often seen as a negative word, (Witch) and making it positive again.

Yes, women have been suppressed for years, and times are changing and it’s becoming more acceptable for women to have and show their wisdom that comes from feminine energy. Foraging and herbalism and healing, of course, are not only for women. Perhaps there is some truth in why even today, women feel an overwhelming and seemingly irrational fear when they put themselves out there.

Denise suggests, that to overcome this fear you can use a mantra like… “It’s safe for me to be…..”

“It’s safe for me to be an awesome forager”

“It’s safe for me to share my knowledge”

What are your thoughts on this?

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